10 Awesome Crockpot Recipes

Looking to save time cooking dinner? Try one of these 10 Awesome Crock Pot Recipes via @familysportlife

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This week I am taking a little break from Meal Planning.  Big A is out of town most of the week and I am feeling like I need to regroup in terms of my nutrition.  I ate things this past week that did not serve me well, mainly dairy (and coffee) and I need to be a little kinder to my system.  I am going to be focusing on a lot of veggies, limited dairy, and limited coffee.

We found an awesome farmer’s market and will be doing our shopping there today.  They even have a fish monger! We will be picking up plenty of fresh fish including Salmon and Monk.  Last week the fish monger gave us (as in free – how awesome!) some monk fish to try.  It was pretty good – chewy but not as chewy as lobster.  John didn’t care for the smell while preparing it but we are going to try it again.  It would be fabulous in a seafood soup.

Let’s start with last week. I highly, highly recommend the Spaghetti Squash Carbonara.  I feel this recipe is incredibly flexible so if you don’t like pancetta, use chopped meat/bits of sausage or omit entirely.  Just make it!  The other recipe that worked well, as discussed in my Kids Eats post, was the Macaroni and Cheese recipe.  I am so happy to never buy a box of mac and cheese again!

Don’t worry, even though I am sticking to brussels, beets, squashes, and fish doesn’t mean I am leaving you in a lurch.  I have received a number of reader requests for crockpot recipes.  I don’t use my crockpot every week but I do use it about once a month.  However, after scouring Pinterest and the interwebs for awesome recipes, I may make this a weekly occurrence.

Here are 10 Awesome Crockpot Recipes for you to try:

  1. Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Slow Cooker Recipe/River City Sammon
  2. Beef Stew/Low Carb CrockPot Recipes
  3. 5 Ingredient Crock Pot Chili/Wellness Mama
  4. Slow Cooker Ratatouille/The Perfect Pantry
  5. Crockpot Two Bean Veggie Chili/Happy Fit Mama
  6. Crockpot Chicpea Curry/Mommy Run Fast
  7. Crock Pot Italian Fagioli Soup/Against All Grain
  8. Crock Pot Chana Masala/Frugal Bites
  9. Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers/Taste of Home
  10. Healthy Crock Pot Mini Turkey Meatballs/ How Sweet Eats

I have made recipe #3 and it is great.  It is a no bean chili which I always hope my kids will eat but so far its been a “no go.”  What I do is I puree a can of kidney beans and mix it in to thicken the chili.  Through blogging I “know” Angela from Happy Fit Mama (#5) and Laura from Mommy Run Fast (#6) so I trust they have great recipes.  I love all of the Against All Grain recipes so I am most excited to try the Italian Fagioli Soup (#7).  We also love us some Indian food so #8, Crock Pot Chana Masala, is high on the list.

I hope you enjoy this round up.  I am happy to do these types of posts upon request, anytime.  All you have to do is ask :-)

Do any of these look good to you? What other roundups would you like to see?


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  1. says

    I love having big round ups in one place… these all sound great! Thanks for including mine, too. How fun about the farmers market and fish- I just walked past a fish market in a nearby town last night and am excited to go back and check it out during normal hours!

    • Tara Newman says

      The Farmer’s Market is the place to be! These people are so nice. They are so proud and knowledgeable about their food. And they love giving you stuff to try! The eggs were a bit pricey but I know it’s worth it.

    • Tara Newman says

      Laura – I don’t know if you are in the Northeast but it isn’t looking pretty this week. Definitely chili season!

    • Tara Newman says

      Shana – let me know how you liked it. I am making it again this week. It was yummy the next day for lunch.

  2. says

    My husband makes this chicken and veggies recipe in the crockpot and the smell of it..so good. In fact, I often bring it to friends when they’ve just had a baby. Healthy and delicious! And easy!

    • Tara Newman says

      Tamara – I love even just throwing salsa and chicken in to the crockpot or flank steak and marinara sauce. So easy!

    • Tara Newman says

      Kim – you are a crockpot goddess! But I bet with all those big boys it is a necessity.

  3. says

    I love my slow cooker and I’m so excited to try out these recipes. They all look so good. I also need to try out your mac and cheese on my kiddos. I’ve pinned your page to come back and make some of these recipes. :)

    • Tara Newman says

      Menu planning is a pain but then again, I find feeding everyone in my house a bit of a pain! LOL. You mean you need to eat again???

    • Tara Newman says

      Jennifer – definitely more crockpotting needed for me. I feel like all I do is cook and feed people!

    • Tara Newman says

      Cindy – thanks for stopping by. I have had my crockpot for years. I think my mother in law bought it for me when I moved into my apartment which is 15 years ago!! Anyone will do just fine.