15 of My Favorite Healthy Fats

Many people read my What I Ate Wednesday posts and ask me about my fat intake.  So a non-traditional twist on WIAW is dedicated to all the healthy fats I eat and a brief explanation as to why.  Eight months ago I overhauled my nutrition.  I was suffering from fatigue, digestive issues, inability to lose weight, and moodiness.  I didn’t have any tests.  I just did some reading and took a leap of faith.  During my experimentation I cut back on my sugar intake as well as how many grain based products I was eating.  Immediately, I noticed improvements in digestion and bloated(ness).  However, I feel the most profound change I made was adding healthy fats.  I credit the addition of fat into my diet for my change in mood and energy.  I was actually happy.  As if I were a different person.

My “coming of age” was during the fat free/low fat propaganda of the 90’s.  Mass media has taught us to fear fat and looking back at pictures of myself over the years, it really didn’t work for me.  There was the eating disorder of my 20’s which led into my yo-yo’ing weight of my early 30’s which was compounded by two pregnancies.  I was hungry, unhappy, tired, and frustrated.  I have tried any number of things to change my perspective but it wasn’t until recently that I felt free from some of the dietary dogma that has plagued me.  I dropped the fad diets, I don’t care what celebrity doctors say, I don’t listen to diet advice from tabloid magazines, and I don’t do what my friend is doing because it works for her.  I observe my body, I research different nutritional concepts, I ask questions of people I trust and I make the decisions that are best for me.

People often ask me what I am doing or what would I recommend.  I am always cautious of my advice as everyone is different and I am not a nutritionist.  People are skeptical when I use the “F” (fat) word.  The majority of folks think I am crazy and that’s fine with me.  However, if you are looking to add healthy fats into your diet, here are my favorite fats:

15 Favorite Healthy Fats via @familysportlife.net


  1. Full Fat Coconut Cream
  2. Eggs
  3. Avocado
  4. Olives
  5. Full Fat Yogurt
  6. Hard Cheeses
  7. Hemp Seeds
  8. Chia Seeds
  9. Nuts
  10. Nut Butters
  11. Coconut Oil
  12. Olive Oil
  13. Kerrygold Irish Butter or ghee
  14. Salmon
  15. Grass Fed Beef

Again, my experience is a personal one and these 15 healthy fats are only listed for demonstrative purposes to give you an idea of what fats are available to you.   I know they are healthy for me because I track my bio markers and have seen my cholesterol, iron, glucose levels before and after I switched my diet.  If you are looking for ideas on how to start a health and fitness journey, we talk about that here.  Please know while you are visiting our blog and engaging in the comment section you will NEVER be judged for your food choices or dietary differences.  We respect everyone’s bio individuality, choices, and journey.

Do you eat healthy fats? What are some of your favorite ways to add fat to your diet?

It’s Eat Yo’ Veggies month over at Peas and Crayons, if you have been following my posts for the last few months, you know that I love my veggies even though not pictured in this week’s post :-)


    • Tara Newman says

      Yes, it is NJ. Do you have a Trader Joe’s by you? I mainly shop at Trader Joes because I am lucky enough to have one in my neighborhood and I find it cheaper than conventional stores.

      • says

        I love Trader Joe’s and find it’s cheaper through and through too. No one believes me, though. I live in Wegmans lover land, so whenever you say another store is cheaper people are skeptical. Either way, whenever my husband and I shop there, we spend less and have typically healthier food.

    • Tara Newman says

      I eat bacon…just not that often. There is NO bacon shaming here at Family Sport Life so eat yo’ bacon!

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    I’m eating almost everything on your list on a regular basis, except my Greek yoghurt… I always buy the non-fat version. Next time I will try the regular one. My sub-conscious always tells me when I buy something that is available in low-fat, to buy it, although I’ve heard so many times over the past few years how it can be better for you the full fat versions. Most likely because of the fat free propaganda in the 90’s you were talking about!

  2. says

    I haven’t done any consistent tracking, but I do believe I feel more satisfied and energetic when I’m incorporating fat into my diet regularly. I also don’t want my kid to develop any kind of “fat phobia,” if you will. Avocados are very popular in my household, along with all kinds of nut butters.

  3. says

    Great post Tara! You are so right about this! I am constantly trying to tell people not to be afraid of fats; it is actually GOOD to consume fats, if they are the right ones! I make sure to get a lot of good fats into my diet. And I found I also lost weight when I incorporated them into my diet. It also helped my training, and I ran stronger than ever! Nuts are my usual go to source of good fats….along with salmon (which I featured in my latest blog post :) )

    Thanks for more sources, and for confirming my thoughts in my mind :)

    • Tara Newman says

      Ha Tina! You found what I found…eat fat, get thinner :-) Adding fat has helped my husband tremendously in his training and mine too. A little fat adaptation never hurts.

  4. says

    Awesome post! I am a big proponent of eating healthy fats, too. (And I do think all the ones you’ve listed are healthy.) my big challenge right now is to try to eat a balance of protein fat and carbs for all meals and snacks.

    • Tara Newman says

      yes Sarah, finding the right balance of macros for you is definitely a challenge. I am working on the same thing.

  5. says

    I try to live by the all-things-in-moderation philosophy, so we incorporate healthy fats into our meals. I love avocado on pretty much anything savory, and who doesn’t love nuts, cheese, and full fat yogurt. When I travel to Europe for work, I’m so excited for the amazing breakfasts because they always have the yummiest yogurt. Mmmm!

    • Tara Newman says

      I am SO fortunate to have a Trader Joes in my neighborhood. I am heading over to your blog now because I need those 3 tips for a long run!

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    Great post! I’m a big avocado, egg and cheese fan. I also cook with a lot of EVOO. I love the idea of coconut anything so I need to try a couple of the items you mention.

    • Tara Newman says

      Sarah – I really like the coconut cream for smoothies and I put it in my coffee. I have seen recipes that make whipped cream from it. And I may or may not be known to just eat it off a spoon :-)

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    This is super interesting to me! I have been told that I should have a lot of fat because I no longer have a gall bladder but my digestive issues have been so insanely annoying since I had the surgery a couple years ago.I have been really feeling out what is making me feel good, vs feel yucky and it has been a journey so far!

    • Tara Newman says

      Nellie – that is true. It is harder for you to digest fats. I know some people who have successfully incorporated fats without a gall bladder. Plant based fats seem to work best. Like avocado and olives good. Steak not so good.

  8. says

    Ohhh I love Avocado too, I usually crave it like twice a week, and have to head to the grocery store to buy some. I agree each person’s experience is personal. Wish you the best.
    Tosin AK visiting via SITS Blogging

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    Big time fat eater over here! Ok not really, but my good friend is a nutritionist and I asked her the two healthiest foods in the world and she answered “Avocados and grass fed beef.” Now I know, like you so open-mindedly said, that everybody is different and every body is different, but if you gave me the choice between fat-free chemical-laced foods..and organic, local, healthy fats, it’s no contest!
    Saturated fats got a really got rap for a long time. And you listed some great fats! It’s not like you listed Oreos, cake and donuts! haha.
    I’ve been between 105 – 115 (while not pregnant) pounds since high school. I am a great eater of fats. My cholesterol, iron and glucose levels are great. I’m assuming my body needs fats.
    Anyway. I loved this post. Sorry I talked your ear off!

    • Tara Newman says

      Tamara – you can talk my ear off anytime. Maybe one day it will be over some grass fed beef and avocado. I was born to eat beef, I don’t know how I survived as a vegetarian for so long.

  10. says

    I have never heard of coconut cream before, except in candy. That sounds awesome! We love olives especially in salads. I also only cook with either olive oil or coconut oil! Best change I ever made!

    • Tara Newman says

      There is something so unique about the flavor when you cook with coconut oil. I have started putting it on my steamed veggies instead of butter.

  11. says

    Yes! I’m in a constant battle with my patients about fat. They think they need to live a fat free existence. I want to scream when I hear that! The fat-free 90s screwed us all up. I’m glad that the fat is coming back in our lives!

  12. says

    Nut butter – Coconut oil – flaxseed – eggs – dairy… oh I eat it all. I have yet to try Hemp Hearts but would love too one of these days. I’ve heard so many great things!

  13. says

    Awesome to hear you are now eating fat! More people need to learn that fat will not make you fat! In fact we need fat for optimal health! Coconut oil is one of my favorites and have a spoon each night before bed! In our house fat is a good thing and we would never eat anything low fat. I have eliminated gluten, wheat, grains and include fats at each meal and for the first time in my adult life I am rarely hungry! I have reduced my weight by 25lbs without even thinking about it and most importantly I feel amazing! Best Regards, Wendy #sitsblogging

    • Tara Newman says

      Wendy – I have had a very similar experience with wheat and grains. Feel better now than I did in my 20’s!

  14. says

    Nut butters are a definite favorite here. I’m intrigued by the hemp seeds and coconut cream. I’m assuming you eat the former plain, but what about the latter?

    I’m also really fascinated by the fact that you feel more energy with these healthy fats in your diet. It’s something I need to try because – more energy, yes, please!

    I came of age in the low-fat/no-fat/anti-fat years too. I never paid attention to calories, only fat grams!

    • Tara Newman says

      Hemp seeds I sprinkle on everything. Coconut cream I use in my coffee, as the base of our shakes, in cooking and I have seen recipes for making it into whipped cream. I also eat it off the spoon :-)

  15. says

    I also grew up in the era of “low fat is good!”, and I suffered through a lot of yo-yo dieting because I grew up with a family that was fond of telling me how “fat” I was. I finally said, heck with all of that, and did my own research, like you. I no longer aim to get “thin”. I aim to get strong and healthy, and we love the full-fat yogurt, coconut oil, and avocado at our house, too. I won’t buy non-fat anything – if they take out the fat, they’ve gotta put in something to give it taste, and it’s usually sugar (or worse, artificial sweeteners). #SITSblogging

  16. says

    Great post! I SO agree that we have got to STOP assumming what’s right for one is right for all… Healthy and Happy comes from within. When we get back to the basics of eating “from the garden” we find all we need to be healthy. “Strong and healthy” is the best goal! :0) Glad to connect through the SITS tribe!

  17. says

    The problem with a lot of low-fat and non-fat foods today is that in order to remove those fats they have to be replaced with something else. In most cases its a processed chemical that makes it unhealthier that the fatty version of that product. I’ll take my chances with the fat.
    I love your fatty foods, all though I would consider them all healthy fats. I have also been experimenting with gluten free lifestyle to lessen my fibromyalgia and digestive issues. I agree with you that everyone is different and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another. So few people are tuned into their bodies. If we pay attention to how our bodies react to what we feed it, we might be surprised what we discover.

    • Tara Newman says

      No, you totally should not watch what you eat. If you are eating healthy and are happy, who cares! No need to be a slave to the food :-)