EnduroPacks Product Review

EnduroPacks is a supplement system engineered for optimal recovery from endurance-based activities.  Developed by an ex-professional cyclist, the system contains four (4) components.

  1. Liquid Pre-Workout Multivitamin
  2. Electrolyte Spray Concentrate
  3. Trans-dermal Amino Acid Patch
  4. L-Glutamine Capsules

The benefit of this system lies not in it’s components alone, but in the purity of the product and unique delivery method.  Countless studies over the years have confirmed the effectiveness of each individual component for optimal health, performance and recovery.  EnduroPacks brings them all together in an easy to use, daily protocol that could benefit any triathlete, marathon runner or cyclist.

Disclaimer: I received a 30-day supply of EnduroPacks, at no cost, in return for this review.  I have received no additional compensation or products.

EnduroPacks 001

How I Use EnduroPacks

Liquid Multivitamin- I train early in the mornings, so I take a tablespoon of the multivitamin as soon as I get up.  I store it in the refrigerator (as suggested) which makes it a bit easier to consume.  The first month’s supply of Enduropacks I used had the berry flavored multivitamin.  Although the flavor was “vitamin-like” in nature, it was very palatable.  The second month’s supply contained a tropical orange flavor, which I felt was a little less palatable.  I have gotten used to the orange flavor, but I have been told that subsequent shipments will contain the original berry flavor.

Electrolyte Spray- I put 7-10 pumps in the first water bottle I drink each day.  There is a mild taste, so you know it’s in there, but it is almost imperceptible.  The spray is highly concentrated; a little bit goes a long way.  I have replaced the use of Nuun tabs for my shorter sessions by using this, but will use Nuun on 2+ hour training sessions.

Amino Acid Patch- The patch looks like a sticker, about 1″ square.  I simply apply it to the inner part of my bicep or forearm after getting cleaned up from a training session.  I will remove it somewhere around dinnertime.  The benefit of a trans-dermal patch is that you get a trickled dose of aminos throughout the day, versus ingesting pills and having to absorb it all at once.

L-Glutamine Capsules-  Take two (2) before bed.  That’s it.  They are fairly small and easy to swallow.

The Effect

I read and track my heart rate variability (HRV) on a daily basis using the Omegawave system.  This gave me a unique opportunity to see if the use of EnduroPacks had an effect on my ability to recover.  I also began testing the product a few weeks before two big races, AmZof and Rev3 Quassy.  The races were 2 weeks apart, so recovery between them was going to be key.

HRV measures the impact of your sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and recovery) nervous systems.  Low HRV would indicate a sympathetic dominance and a high HRV would indicate parasympathetic dominance.  Many of us measure our heart rate, which tells us how many times our heart beats in a period of time (usually one minute).  Where HRV differs, is that it measures the time between beats.  When we are working (training) hard, our sympathetic nervous system takes over and our heart beats very rhythmically (like a metronome), with little variability in the time between beats.  When we are at rest, the opposite is true.  The more variability we have in our heart beat rhythm, the more rested and recovered we are, indicating parasympathetic dominance.

By measuring my HRV on a daily basis, I am able to tell if I am ready to train hard, or need more time to recover.  Using this metric is perfect for evaluating the effect of EnduroPacks.  Omegawave, the HRV system I use, compiles the the data into a few useful components.  For the purpose of evaluating the effect of EnduroPacks on my recovery, I will be using a component called “Recovery Pattern”.  Recovery pattern reflects the body’s ability to maintain balance (between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems).  Omegawave designates zones for optimal and sub-optimal recovery pattern values. To simplify the evaluation, I want to be in the “Green” zone as much as possible.

Below are graphs of my recovery pattern readings for 2 and 1 months prior to using EnduroPacks, as well as the first month of using the product.  As you can see, once I began using EnduroPacks, the percentage of days in the “green” zone drastically increased.  This means that my recovery efforts were much more effective and EnduroPacks seemed to contribute greatly.  During that time period, my training volume and intensity remained consistent (approximately 50 hours per month, 80% aerobic, 20% anaerobic), and I had 2 very difficult and demanding races.  Also, my average days in “green” for 6 months prior to using EnduroPacks was 8 (26%).  Since I have been using the system, my average is 17 (56%).

EnduroPacks Review Charts

I’m an engineer by trade, so I love numbers, data and the analysis of both.  However, there is also “feel”.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I recovered from AmZof and Quassy.  Within 2 days of each event, I was back to a normal training schedule consisting of high intensity intervals and long aerobic-based sessions.  In the past, it would take me 3-4 days to recover from shorter, less demanding events.  Additionally, my day to day recovery appears to be more efficient and effective.  I am able to train at high intensities several days a week without feeling sluggish or weak.


I am extremely happy with the results I’ve received from using EnduroPacks.  I am now in my third month of use as I prepare for Ironman Lake Placid in a few weeks.  The system is comprised of high-quality components, is easy to use and build into your everyday supplement protocol, and highly effective in aiding recovery for endurance athletes.  I have seen tremendous results and will continue to use EnduroPacks well into the future.

For more information on EnduroPacks or to place an order, visit their website here.  Based on my experience I highly recommend you give it a try.  You can use FSL15 on your month-to-month subscription.  If you have any questions, leave them below or email me!

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  1. says

    Very interesting. I had never heard of this before, but the results are clear. I’m so glad (and I’m sure you are too) that you tracked the impact so you can literally see the results. I’ll have to keep this in mind if I ever choose to conquer some of those higher endurance races.
    Good luck with Placid! I can’t wait to see how you kill it!

    • says

      Allie- Thanks. Since I tracked my HRV anyway, I thought it would be a good indicator as to the effectiveness of the product. Sometimes, you just can’t “feel” the effects (positive or negative), so having hard data to fall back on makes it more concrete.

  2. says

    This is awesome John! I am a huge enduropacks believer, and especially in the company itself who truly care about their customers. This was awesome to see actual physical results through your graphs. I honestly think enduropacks plays a bit part in my running recovery, and it is nice to see it helping others. You have been honest here too, which will be refreshing to readers!

  3. says

    That is interesting. I always wondered how do the athletes actually recover from all that training. Glad to have some insight into this now.

  4. says

    Very cool descriptions/review. It sounds good to me because I hate swallowing pills so liquid vitamins and easy to swallow pills sound a lot more palatable to me than most!
    I’m not very active in the ways you are but I’m still always interested in hearing about supplements, vitamins, and the like.

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